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Latest releases

Friend of a friend
Leopold follows up their debut with this warm and beautiful album. Personal lyrics and epic indie pop.
SEK 99
The Greencoats - Spring EP
Music reminiscent of both My Bloody Valentinesque shoegaze, 60:s British R’n’B, and dirty Detroit...
SEK 40
The Rain Fish / 217 km
Seven new songs by Björn recorded during two hectic days in August, 2008. All songs written, arranged and performed by Björn Kleinhenz.
SEK 35

More articles

  SEK 100  
Moving out of your house and into another (Flac/MP3) SEK 30
My darling YOU! (Flac/MP3) SEK 30
The Greencoats - A Blend Of Silk & Satin (MP3) SEK 80
The Greencoats - A Blend Of Silk & Satin (CD) SEK 100
  SEK 129  
  SEK 5
Head Held High On Fearsome Pride - MP3 SEK 35  
The Topeka Twins - Swim, Swam, Swan SEK 10  
Dreaming Is For Anyone - MP3 SEK 69  
Friend Of A Friend - MP3 SEK 69  
Quietly Happy And Deep Inside - MP3 SEK 69  
Kleinshirt zwei SEK 100  
Bloodbone / Home alone 2      
Bloodbone / Home alone 2  
Trans Pony - MP3 SEK 59  
Sing Out! SEK 5  
The Great Investigation SEK 129  
My heart beats too fast for our friendship to last SEK 45  
Pigbone 3000 Tape SEK 50  
the winter will take us all. SEK 40
Button set Björn Kleinhenz SEK 10  
Trans Pony SEK 90  
Yeah Baby Whoohaa SEK 90    
Dreaming Is For Anyone SEK 99  
Moving out of your house and into another SEK 30
My darling YOU! SEK 30
Aside/Closed Eyes SEK 45  
Split ep Björn Kleinhenz & Rob and the pinhole stars SEK 40  
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